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Here are some of the friendly faces you’ll meet at Youthful Hearts boomers & seniors fitness classes! Read on to find out how older adults in Marin County have become healthier, fitter and happier by joining the fun.

Lowered Glucose Level
“Three years ago, I was going through a bad time in my life with the loss of my parents. I made the decision to join Jeanette’s Goldenaires mat exercise program. It has helped me both psychologically and physically. She teaches a positive attitude and good “self-talk.” She encourages us to do our best to keep our bodies flexible and strong. I feel the classes have helped me to heal, and to stay healthy. I was amazed that I lowered my glucose level. Her guided relaxation at the end is fantastic–a retreat unlike any other!”

~Karen Nouchi, age 60, San Rafael, CA _______________________________________________________________________

Better Physical and Mental Wellness

“I’m happy to relate my experiences with Ms. Jeanette Logan, my exercise and line dance instructor. I have taken various aerobic exercise and line dancing classes conducted by her for the past several years. She is very safety conscious and cognizant of any limitations her students might have. She not only explains each exercise in detail, but she provides alternate methods of performing the exercise, as necessary, for folks that have problems with it. I strongly feel she is an excellent instructor and motivator! I feel I have been helped much by being in her classes, both physically and mentally.

~Sal Priolo, age 78, Novato, CA


Improved Stamina & Health
“I joined the Fit and Fun After 50! exercise class led by Jeanette about a year ago. At the time I had a lot of trouble with range of motion and my overall fitness was not that good. Week by week, I found myself looking forward to the class. It was fun, fast and made a huge difference in my physical stamina and health in a short time. Friends who had not seen me in a while remarked on how good I looked – my skin, hair and overall energy level just glowed! I am so grateful to Jeanette for the care she takes as she reminds us to keep breathing, keep moving and not judge ourselves or compare to anyone else. I always find myself smiling as my body moves more easily and freely. Thank you, Jeanette for being such a great example to us and always encouraging us no matter what level we are at.”

~Susan L. Miller,
 age 61, Novato, CA


One of the Best Things I Can Do For Myself
“I have attended Jeanette Logan’s fitness class for several years, and keep going back. Her mat class comprises of three major parts: enough warm-up to get my blood flowing and pulse pounding, followed by stretching/strength exercise, then by focused relaxation. She works balance, breathing and mental flexibility into her routines. Although she emphasizes good form in performing her exercises, she recognizes that all individuals are different, and encourages each person to perform at his or her optimum level. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow, and if she sometimes confuses right from left, she is the first to laugh about it. Going to her classes is one of the best things I can do for myself.”

~Bill Pryor
, age 68, San Rafael, CA


Enjoys the Lively Music & Balanced Support
“I feel lucky to have found Jeanette and truly enjoy her method of teaching routines. I especially appreciate her ability to modify steps and exercises to fit different skill levels. She gets my heart rate up there with lively music then does strengthening exercises with weights and bands and finishes up with a peaceful meditation session. It’s perfect! And oh yes, I’m eighty five.

~Lee Armstrong, age 85, 
San Rafael, CA


Still Going Strong SeniorHelped with Recovery from Ankle Fracture
“I began the ‘Fit & Fun’ class at the urging of my partner when I was recovering from an ankle fracture. I believe the aerobic exercises, the strength and balance training and the uplifting atmosphere created by Jeanette have benefited me greatly in regaining full use of my ankle joint and improving my general fitness. I appreciate so much her positive energy and the encouragement she gives all of us in the class.”

                                                              ~Barbara Bruhn, age 67, Novato, CA


Better Awareness and Mental Acuity
 “I really look forward to Jeanette’s Fit and Fun class that I take twice a week. Besides being fun, the class makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful for myself. It makes me much more aware of trying to do other things in my life to keep healthy. Also, her class helps to keep my mind active. Jeanette’s positive attitude and genuine interest in me and other class members is a great incentive for me to get out and get going in the morning.”

~Diane Rice, age 70
, Novato, CA


Stiff Neck Has Become More Free
“Jeanette’s stretch and strengthen class has helped my stiff neck and shoulders become more free. Even my kids notice a difference. Her classes are both informative and interesting.”

~Beverly Jensen, age 77, Novato, CA


Maintanence of Agility & Mobility
“I’ve been in Jeanette’s Youthful Hearts Fit and Fun program for 15 years. It has helped me maintain my agility and mobility. Jeanette encourages everyone to exercise to capacity at their own level and demonstrates low key options for many of the exercises. Plus, in class, I am surrounded by caring, supportive women.”

~Alice Stelling, age 80, Novato, CA


Younger & More Fit
“It’s been 8 years since retirement and joining Jeanette’s classes. I am fitter than when I started, and definitely younger. I have graduated to aerobics and this past year I outdistanced younger companions while traveling in Spain. I am always learning and benefiting in her classes because she takes the time to update her skills and keep up with current research. Brain and physical exercise together, sensible muscular development and whole body stretches, fancy footwork and quiet meditation, all delivered with TLC.”

~Jillian Robinson, age 72, Fairfax, CA


Better Posture, Aplomb & Balance
“I feel extremely motivated to attend Ms. Logan’s class because of the total irrefutable commitment she conveys. Jeanette is always prompt and well-prepared, and she is constantly communicating the precise technicality of body movement necessary to create safety and avoid injury. Some of the benefits that I have received are better posture, aplomb, muscle strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. Her closing relaxation supports stress release and a feeling of self worth for my body mind and spirit. As a teacher, Jeanette displays equanimity, talent, beauty, elegance and decorum that earns her respect and admiration from all of us who attend her class. She is truly a GRAND DAME.”

~Consuelo Calcagno, 
Corte Madera, CA


Fewer Migraines & Lower Blood Pressure
“As a migraine sufferer with slightly elevated blood pressure, I chose to try mat classes with Jeanette on Mon/Fri at the Goldenaires Senior Center. After about two months, my migraine frequency has decreased significantly and my blood pressure has dropped 15 points. Jeanette teaches relaxation methods at the close of each session which I have routinely practiced.”

~Marilyn Lawlor, age 73, San Rafael, CA


Back Feels Better & Made Wonderful Friends
“I’ve been in Jeanette’s class for over ten years, and it has changed my life. I feel much better (especially my back), and I have made many wonderful friends.”

~Marge Wrench, age 81, Novato, CA


More Flexibility, Strength & Inner Peace
“Lifting…bending…stretching on toes to reach a top cabinet…opening difficult bottles and jars with ease…carrying heavy parcels…living with a song in my heart-where the world is so beautiful. That is Jeanette Logan’s class. I thank her for her kindness. Blessings.”

~Doris Spielman, age 77, Novato, CA


Stronger, More Flexible & Shoulder Pain Gone
“Jeanette’s Strength & Stretch class is not only therapeutic, but it is very inspirational as well.  Over the years I have taken yoga, t’ai chi, aerobics and various other exercise classes, and while I usually enjoyed the classes, I never felt that my body changed much from taking them. After being in Jeanette’s class for only a very short time, I no longer have the shoulder pain that I thought was the end of my golfing. I also feel stronger, and try to have better posture and fuller breathing. In addition, her guidance has also inspired me to exercise at home every day. Jeanette’s consideration for the physical limitations of ‘women of a certain age’ creates an atmosphere of comfort and a desire to do as much as one possibly can. Her obvious joy with what she does communicates to the class and helps me to reach levels of movement that I never thought possible.”

~Shirley McClung, age 73, San Rafael, CA


Better Balance, Stamina & Coordination
“Jeanette’s classes are fun and make me feel good. Since taking them, I have developed better balance, stamina and coordination. I have muscles where I used to have flab, and better respiratory function. My weight and blood pressure went down even though this is not something I needed. I want to be a strong, flexible old lady with good bones, a strong heart, good balance, and lots of chocolate. (oops!)”

~Debby Turrietta, age 67, Novato, CA


Stronger & Better Able to Focus
“Jeanette keeps us on our toes & is a great instructor! As a result of her class I am better able to focus and I feel stronger. I am no longer afraid to lift objects. I enjoy her variety of routines, and she knows all of our names!”

~Flo Tiedemann, age 81, San Rafael, CA


Increased Bone Density
“My recent bone density test was great as a result of Jeanette’s Fit and Fun class. I have exercise all my life and Jeanette is the best. She helps each person be aware of their limitations and yet pushes each of us a little. She is very caring. I feel better, and it helps my whole being.

~Connie Fischer, age 74, Novato, CA


Relief of Pain & Better Mood and Mobility
“I need and love Jeanette Logan’s classes! They help me immensely, physically and emotionally. The benefits are endless such as relief of pain and assistance with my mood and mobility. Shes is the best and very active!”

~Camille Scontrino, age 83, Novato, CA


Stronger & More Energy
“I am very satisfied with Jeanette’s exercise program. I have never done an exercise class so consistently before. I am stronger and have more energy. Her style is friendly and encouraging and she instructs us on how to do each exercise according to our ability.”

~Laurie Hanley, age 76, Novato, CA



“The real joy of life is in its play.” ~Walter Rauschenbusch

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    "I've been in Jeanette's Youthful Hearts Fit and Fun program for 15 years. It has helped me maintain my agility and mobility. Plus, in class, I am surrounded by caring, supportive women."

    --Alice Stelling, age 80, Novato, CA
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