Deeper Self Love and Acceptance
“I just love the feeling I get from Jeanette’s class. She is an extraordinary person of wisdom, sincerity, strength, and guidance. It is easy for me to promote what she teaches…what she gives is incredibly sacred to me. I really look forward to her class!”

~Ruth Raskosky


Vastly Improved Knee Function
“I am taking Jeanette’s Fit & Fun class – a retired RN with worn out painful knees and arthritis here, there and everywhere. In the last week or so I realized that my knees – while not perfect – were much better with vastly improved function – I can sit cross legged now, I can extend my arms over my head, and I have become aware that there are times when I have no pain anywhere! What a blessing! So I gave this revelation to Jeanette today as a thank you gift! Thank you Jeanette for helping me heal myself!”

~Veronica Callister

No More Vertigo
“I have been in the Still Going Strong exercise class with Jeanette for almost a year. I had vertigo when I first started attending and wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the class. At first, it felt like I might have to quit. I stayed with it because I was noticing some small improvements. After 4 months, I had no more vertigo and still don’t. I am grateful to Jeanette for her caring support.”

~E. Waley


Six Great Reasons For Taking Jeanette’s Class
“1.) Her vast knowledge of choreography and it’s NEVER dull…she keeps ya thinkin’.  2.) Music that gets your butt movin’ and toes tappin’, even when you feel like a slug.  3.) Just the right volume, thou when it’s really good, amp it up!  (thou, some may disagree!)  4. An amazing and gifted instructor that clearly has more experience than any other I’ve taken from in over 25 years….(as an ex-aerobics instructor from the 80’s, who thought no pain / no gain was good…..OIY!) 5). The most loving and compassionate woman, who teaches us every day, that we can better ourselves, through positive thought and safe, non-threatening exercise.  6.) She’s the BEST!!”                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~Lisa Redding

More Energy & Sleeping Better
“Last week, at my dental check-up, the hygienist asked how I was feeling in general. My response was, ‘Actually, I have more energy and am sleeping better this last six months.’ She then asked, ‘What are you doing differently?’ ‘It must be the exercise class,’ said I! Strength Training + Meditation = a healthy, happy woman! I am thankful to Jeanette for changing my life.”

~Cathe Kilner

Lost 25 Pounds & 15 Inches
“I want to share how much I enjoy Jeanette’s Fit & Fun After 50 Class. When I can’t be there, I really miss it. Since starting her class 1.5 years ago, I have lost 25 pounds, 15 inches and my ankles are now strong enough to wear high heels again! Also, I love her meditations.”

~Mary Walsh

Feeling Better Mentally and Physically
“Jeanette has been a blessing to me over the last four years. Her devotion to her classes and seniors is unmatched by anyone. I feel better both mentally and physically since attending her classes. She is a gift to so many. I send her lots of hugs.”

~Jean Ledoux

Long-Term Commitment
“I never want Jeanette to remove my name from her email list, and I don’t ever want to stop taking her classes!!!”

~Susan Murray

Serious Back Pain Gone
“When I started Jeanette’s class I had serious back pain created by the sciatic nerve. After just a few months I stopped suffering from the pain and know its because of her stretching and strengthening exercises. I’ve never enjoyed exercise classes before, but I now look forward to working with Jeanette regularly. She makes it fun, entertaining and interesting. I love the different variations she uses as well as love her humor and compassion for everyone. Her classes are non-competitive and she adjusts to the needs of each individual.”

~Brenda Geffner


Improved Bone Density & Arthritis
“Jeanette’s classes are a lot of fun! I have been participating in them for about three years, In that time, my arthritis has improved to the extent that I no longer need to take medication. In addition, I have low bone density. In my latest test there was a marked improvement.”

~Marilyn Schneider

Losing Weight
“As a result of Jeanette’s exercise class, I am shaping and toning my body as I lose weight. I’m trading flab for some tone. I freaked out shampooing my hair in the shower last week because I actually had a small ‘Popeye’ bicep muscle. That’s never happened to me before! I love the stretch/release Jeanette does after each set we do. I’m rarely sore. I like that she stresses good form, good posture, going slowly and accepting where we are.”

~Bonnie Crosser


Improved Strength & Endurance
“Jeanette’s workouts are varied and she pushes us just the right amount. She has an excellent rapport with the class participants and she is willing to connect with us individually after class. I have improved my strength and endurance.”

~Stan Michelman

Preventing Genetic Osteo-Arthritis
“Jeanette’s class has been important for me for many reasons. Her class keeps me limber, strengthens my muscles, keep my joints from getting stiff and helps me to burn calories. I have osteo-arthritis in my background, and so far I’ve been free of it.  I have exercised with Jeanette for 2 times each week for awhile now, and she has made a positive difference in my life. She is a fun, knowledgeable instructor and I love her class! Also, I have met many new people and enjoy their friendship along the way.”

~Dolores Giesen


Less Pain & More Energy
“I have severe arthritis in one knee and one hip. When I attend Jeanette’s strength training class, I feel less pain and more energy. I think the variety she brings to her presentations is wonderful. I would take classes from her every day, if possible!.”

~Nancy Koors

Having Fun Working Out
“Jeanette’s class is fun and a thorough workout of the entire body. She includes modifications of the exercises to accommodate all fitness levels. Her routines are creative and the music is enjoyable. Her joy, knowledge and excellent teaching ability make her class great. She is the best instructor I have ever had!”

~Barbara Nabors

Suits Energetic and Spiritual Lifestyle
“With a background in health and physical education, along with clinical social work, I never thought there would be a class for seniors which would suit my energetic and spiritual lifestyle. However, I was wrong; and wonder how many others might be missing out on this opportunity of mind and body experience. In addition, I should mention some people in Jeanette’s class have been encouraged by their physicians to attend with positive results.”

~Lois J. Holmes, M.S.

Feels 20 Years Younger
“Since I’ve been participating in Jeanette’s exercise program, I feel about 20 years younger. Wahoo! I am stronger, more flexible, and my right shoulder is much stronger and almost pain free. My joints don’t hurt much at all anymore. I have so much stamina and endurance! Although I haven’t lost much weight, I look and feel as though I have.”

~Carol George

Increased Range of Motion
“When I first started Jeanette’s class I had just completed physical therapy for my left arm. I couldn’t raise it above my waist and it was very painful. After physical therapy I regained range of motion but it was still difficult to do, and painful. Jeanette’s class has helped me get back to normal and to stay that way. I am thankful to her. Her classes are great and each one is always a little different. She has such a cheerful personality and really wants us to do well. It rubs off on us.”

~Connie Anderson

Finely Tuned Like a Violin
“I admire Jeanette’s dedication to her fitness program. She obviously puts in a lot of time, thought and work into making each class most beneficial and enjoyable for us. She seems to really care about each person in class and to enjoy what she’s doing. She is very encouraging and never makes us feel self-conscious. Jeanette explains things very clearly and knows just what stretch will make us feel better after each workout. She has a great sense of humor and shares many health tips with us. When I leave her class I feel like I have been fine tuned like a violin!”

~Bonnie Royal

Feels Light on Her Feet
“Jeanette helps me feel light on my feet. I love her line dancing class!”

~Alice Paganini

Greatly Improved Balance
“As a result of Jeanette’s class, my balance is greatly improved. Recently, I tripped over a suitcase and was able to keep myself from falling.”

~Marlene Siragusa


Wonderfully Energizing
“I discovered Jeanette’s classes right after I retired and immediately became addicted to them – they are a wonderfully energizing start to my day!”

~Billie Rosenburg

Increased Confidence and Overall Well Being
“So many things make Jeanette a unique instructor…clear instructions, variety, combinations of many disciplines, holistic approach (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual), humor, humility, genuine caring and no pressure. I now have more awareness of my body and breath and how I use it. Also, I have increased strength, flexibility, confidence and overall well-being.”

~Sandy Murphey

Amazed At Improved Knee Capabilities
“I have a serious knee handicap, and I am amazed at how much I am now able to do because of Strength Training with Jeanette. She is such a tonic!”

~Ann Fairlie

Sharpened Mental Acuity
“In the past four years, Jeanette has helped me to tone my body, boost my energy, increase my stamina, sharpen my mental acuity, improve my flexibility and enhance my relaxation, all the while giving me a thoroughly enjoyable hour of music, movement, health and fitness.”

~Mary Olson

Higher Energy Level
“Jeanette is very inspirational and her patience knows no end. My energy level is higher and I don’t get tired like I used to.”

~Mary Lou Grossberg

Relief from Pain & Sleeplessness & More
Excerpt from a letter sent to Jeanette in April 2015:
“…Our individual needs for relief from pain, ailments, avoidance of degrading mental and physical capacities have been the most immediate benefits. We have been able to turn some of the sleepless nights into dreamless sleep. Correction of posture and delight in the immediate surrounding have been added to the friendship with the surrounding environment. We are forever indebted to your wisdom and passion to have a healthy and happy community of seniors in San Rafael. We are full of admiration for your reflections on Body Mind connections.”
Click here to read the entire letter.

~Barun and Lakshmi Basu


Improvement in Energy & Overall Health
“Over the past three years I have seen a noticeable improvement in energy and overall health in my life as I have attended Still Going Strong. I believe this is largely due to the variety of exercises that are presented and the wonderful attitude of the presenter, Jeanette.”




“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
~John Wooden

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