Youthful Hearts Guided Relaxation CD #2

Journey to Your Inner Oasis Case Cover (Youthful Hearts)

These six guided relaxation experiences support you in letting go of stress and tension from your mind and body. They are edited from Jeanette’s popular live class meditations. Leave your troubles behind and allow Jeanette’s soothing voice to lead you on a peaceful journey into your own deep self-nurturing for better harmony, balance and upliftment. What a way to care for yourself! Enjoy these positive health promoting practices.
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Sample Listening, Click here: Track # 6, Ocean of Light
(Note this CD is audio only. It does not include the images seen in the sample slideshow.)
All track titles & times listed below.

View of San Pablo Bay photo by Jeanette Logan“To meditate means to be invited on a journey of looking deeply in order to touch our true nature and to recognize that nothing is lost.”   -Thich Nhat Hanh

Please note: Because these recordings can help you to reach a deeply relaxed state, they should not be listened to while doing activities requiring high degrees of alertness, such as driving. Also, these audios are not a substitute for medical treatment.

Total Listening Time is Approx. 66 minutes

  1. Quietude, 12:28 (music: Bathed in Light)
  2. Inner Reflections, 14:11, (music: Healing)
  3. Joyful Allowing, 11:55 (music: Fluidscape)
  4. Presents of Peace, 11:31 (music: Light Awash)
  5. Tranquil Truth, 9:07 (music: Ambient)
  6. Ocean of Light, 7:01 (music: Impromptu)

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Used by permission. Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0

Jeanette Logan is the founder of “Youthful Hearts, Fitness After 50!” Since 1982, her passionate curiousity about the many facets of natural wellness has led her to explore various types of fitness and healing. She is certified by the Health and Fitness Institute of Cal State University and is an ACE-Certified group fitness instructor. She also holds a Natural Wellness certificate from Clayton College of Natural Health and a certificate in Senior Personal Training from the American Senior Fitness Association. Currently, she teaches her Mind/Body/Spirit fitness classes in Northern California’s beautiful Marin County.

Photos by Jeanette Logan and Lynelle Creamer.



“Each of us is meant to have a character all our own, to be what no other can exactly be, and do what no other can exactly do.”  ~William Channing

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    "Jeanette's meditation carries me to a calm, peaceful, blissful state. I let go of anxiety and am filled with positive affirmations. It puts me in touch with gratitude and self acceptance. By the end of the meditation, I'm in a light, yet deep state, ready to address the day from a beautiful place." ~Beth Shel

    "I'd like to thank you Jeanette for your excellent relaxation CDs that have helped me through a very difficult period in my life.

    When my husband of 44 years died in late March, I was not only overcome with sadness, but I was also faced with serious economic problems. I realized that I was becoming more unhappy every day and was verging on major depression. Fortunately, I thought of the CDs & Dvds you had made and I forced myself to use the one for exercise and the recent one for meditation. Both of which helped me relax. Eventually, I was able to sleep through most nights.

    Your relaxation CDs and exercise DVDs have been such a help for me that I wanted to share my experience with other classmates. Instead of resorting to medication I've been able to come through this unhappy period to be able to create a new phase in my future life. With my love and gratitude," Shirley McClung

    "Through a gentle and adeptly guided meditation, Jeanette brings a participant into a calm, focused awareness of one's positive core values and into more purposeful thinking." ~Sasha Vitomski

    "I love Jeanette's meditations!" ~Mary Walsh

    “Jeanette is very inspirational and her patience knows no end. My energy level is higher and I don’t get tired like I used to.” ~Mary Lou Grossberg

    “Three years ago, I was going through a bad time in my life with the loss of my parents. I made the decision to join Jeanette’s Goldenaires mat exercise program. It has helped me both psychologically and physically. She teaches a positive attitude and good “self-talk.” She encourages us to do our best to keep our bodies flexible and strong. I feel the classes have helped me to heal, and to stay healthy. I was amazed that I lowered my glucose level. Her guided relaxation at the end is fantastic–a retreat unlike any other!”~Karen Nouchi

    “As a migraine sufferer with slightly elevated blood pressure, I chose to try mat classes with Jeanette on Mon/Fri at the Goldenaires Senior Center. After about two months, my migraine frequency has decreased significantly and my blood pressure has dropped 15 points. Jeanette teaches relaxation methods at the close of each session which I have routinely practiced.” ~Marilyn Lawlor

    "I've been listening to Jeanette's Relaxation for Inner Peace Cd every night for quite some time now. It comforts me and helps me to sleep soundly." ~Patty Wineland

    Dear Jeanette, Last night I listened (at least for 5 minutes as I fell into the deepest sleep with your soothing voice, but am certain I received all,) as when I awoke to the talk of Happiness and other ways to live our lives, I realized that all of the shoulder pain and stiff neck area were loose and then I just listened until it repeated -) Having read testimonials from your students all I can say for the short time I have been with you -is AMEN! You are such an inspiration, you live the life you teach and I am so grateful that I was guided to come to your classes. One of my biggest goals this year is to walk again unaccompanied by any device--but by the strength in my body and the love of my body which I know I have---and the determination to succeed--along with your continued help. I wish you and your family a blessed New Year in every way possible--you are a treasure to all of your students. ~ Jean Pohli

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