Praise From Coaching Clients

Happy Heart
Dear Jeanette,
You got me unstuck!  The light is brighter, vision clearer, energy bubbling, heart happy and peaceful. Thank you once again! And God bless you!

~B. McCulloch, San Rafael, CA

More Enjoyable Confidence
“Jeanette Logan has become my go-to EFT and MR practitioner. I consider her my personal stress-release expert, and I’ve been working with her, as the need arises, since January 2014. She allows me to be where I am without judgement and nudges me in all the right ways. Jeanette’s adept way of creating safety has helped me to manageably release many buried emotional issues that have been difficult for me to get to in any other way that I’ve tried. I’ve had unexpected memories and insights that have let me know that I was on the right track.

It has been such a relief for me to let go of some deep-seated fear and anger towards myself and my father along with traumatic situations from my past. Working with Jeanette has been illuminating and often pleasantly surprising. As a result, in my daily life, I feel more relaxed and present with more peace of mind and enjoyable confidence. Jeanette is clearly caring, insightful, skillful, and gifted. I recommend her very highly to anyone who is willing to do the REAL WORK. With her at the helm, you cannot go wrong.”

~ V. Lee, Benicia, CA

Tapping Into Strength
“The joy of tapping is to see how rapidly your whole mindset can change. I started out with Jeanette feeling the lowest I had in weeks, and by the end of the session, I was singing a Disney song with a smile, and I don’t even sing in front of anyone! Working with her is such an inspiring experience. She encourages the weakest parts of me, while showing me how much strength I have.

It’s wonderful to know how much support and understanding I receive from her when I’m completely vulnerable. I’ve been having more space for patience with myself, and I love this feeling. I truly cherish Jeanette’s help as she is helping me change my life for the better! Thank you, Jeanette!”

~ J. Frazer, Los Angeles, CA

Better Emotional Balance
“I was not familiar with the EFT technique before I met with Jeanette for an introductory session.  However, with her guidance in touching the tapping points, in exploring aspects of my personal dilemma, and in focusing on some meaningful affirmations, I felt the process was really helping me tap into buried emotions. This experience, working with Jeanette, prompted me to become more mindful of my own feelings and needs, and to create a better balance in life between caregiving and nurturing myself.”

~ Barbara B., Novato, CA

Amazed by Pain Reduction
 “I have known Jeanette Logan for a number of years through exercise class. Her attitude and demeanor have always been uplifting and positive. She has the ability to help me feel good by her constant praise and skillful teaching. She is an encourager and has a spirit of love and healing. Her presence, patience and capable guidance have helped me to gain some important insights about my physical challenges. I was truly amazed after one EFT coaching session with Jeanette at the reduction of shoulder pain which I had been experiencing for a long while. I want to continue this EFT work with her to resolve other issues in my life.”

~ Angie Bartlett, San Rafael, CA

Improved Stress Management & Personal Power
“Before I met Jeanette, I had been letting my current ‘mom-care’ situation overpower me. I felt imprisoned, fearful of financial reprisals and, in essence, consumed by all of these legal responsibilities. Financial management is not what I had in mind when I retired. The emotion of realizing and accepting my mother’s current mental/medical status was the other huge factor, and to my own horror, I was regularly experiencing ‘melt-down’ moments.

At my session with Jeanette, I was amazed at how accurately she synthesized what I had shared with her. She is an incredible listener!  I felt emotionally impacted by her words–kind of like I was standing outside of myself, talking good sense to my self. I begin to feel ownership of her verbiage, as though I was initiating it from within myself. I began to feel like I did in fact DESERVE to have a place of honor within myself.  The wonderful thing is that, since our session, I have not boiled over or risen to any of my former, super-high levels of angst.

Thank you, Jeanette for giving me a such a useful tool, and helping me re-attend my focus towards mindfulness and personal power. There is an element of the tapping that soothes and comforts me, and I feel stronger and better. The tapping reminds me to take note, pay attention and focus on the intention of my narrative. I have been able to make conscious decisions to not react and feed drama and have been inspired to meditate again.”

~ Sharon Neil, Novato, CA

Fast Relief of Situational Anxiety
“I went to class today full of anxiety from my high stress day yesterday. Also tired from lack of sleep last night. Jeanette walked me through an EFT session. While she was doing that, I could  feel the anxiety and stress melting away and began to feel uplifted and myself again. When the session was over, I participated in her exercise class FULL of energy!  I was back to my happy-go-lucky self. YEAH!!!This is my third time doing EFT with Jeanette, and I feel it is a VERY useful tool. Jeanette is a beacon of light that inspires positive self worth, and she has done SO MUCH for me!  I do not need a pill to get rid of my stress, just a good dose of  EFT with Jeanette.”
~ Lorri Murk, Novato, CA

Healing From Grief and Loss
“When I first met Jeanette Logan following my first attendance in her fitness class, I was still in a state of deep grieving over the loss of my husband. I knew immediately that I was speaking with a caring, intuitive and insightful person, and immediately felt comfortable asking if she ever did one-on-one work. She then took the time to explain to me how EFT works and how it could be helpful to me.

Since then, Jeanette, an EFT Facilitator, has been meeting with me to help me with my healing process. As a devout Catholic, I have always relied heavily on my faith to see me though difficult times, and I continue to do so. The support, encouragement and healing I have felt and continue to feel as a result of our EFT work together have in no way infringed on my prayer and devotional life. In addition, I have found that with the extra gift of EFT work with Jeanette, I’m more confident  that I will recover and eventually will regain my sense of hope, gratitude and courage which have partially eluded me since my personal loss.

I have complete confidence in Jeanette’s sincere desire to be of help, as well as in the skill she exhibits in guiding me through our EFT meetings. I recommend her work as an EFT Facilitator to anyone who is seeking a path to greater mind/body healing, regardless of their personal circumstances.”

~ G.P., Novato, CA

Extraordinary Feeling of Abundance
“Hi Jeanette, 
I just had to write you this morning to thank you once again for such an amazing session. After our session, I went to my budget worksheet and opened up my bank account to see exactly what I was dealing with…and discovered I had extra money! I know that it’s not necessarily magic, but feeling that gratitude for money and the excitement that I was moving towards more abundance was extraordinary.

And last night while daydreaming (and reading), I just let myself go, reminding myself that I can tap through all the little negative blocks. You have been (and continue to be) such an amazing, inspiring and supportive practitioner, and I thank you so much!”

With love, Julie

Back on a Positive Track
“Dear Jeanette, When I first met you, you were on the stage of our community center teaching your dynamic aerobics class.  I loved the way you have of getting us old folks to respond and move and transcend our limitations. Too bad I had to give that up to take care of a challenged knee. But then I got to meet Jeanette the Tapper. You came to my house, bringing all your light and love and your expertise with you.

While sitting down facing me, you guided me to where I could locate, feel and express my acute worries and problems – all the while having me tapping those acupuncture points. By the time you reiterated and put what I had tried to convey into clear, concise words, your affirmations that followed fell on fertile ground – and I was back on a positive track.

I thank you with all my heart. I know you will help make life easier and brighter for many people. Next time I have a problem that I can’t solve myself, I will call on you again.”
Love always, Brigitte

Increased Self-love and Acceptance
“I have worked with many EFT practitioners in my life, but when I met Jeanette I felt a connection that I had not felt before with the other people I have worked with. From the first session, I knew Jeanette would be the perfect person to help me on my path to self love and success. One reason I absolutely love working with Jeanette is that she emails me personal follow up notes throughout the week when I need the encouragement. She reminds me to enjoy my life and celebrate who I am which is something I need to be reminded of. During my time working with Jeanette, I have grown in my ability to love and believe in myself. Jeanette’s fun and positive personality excites me and I feel blessed to have met her.” ~Leah J.

Getting My Energy Back
“Jeanette gives me such great support and coaching.  She helps me tap into and transform long-standing negative feelings such as, ‘I don’t have a right to be here on  Earth.  I don’t matter.’ I had been under a dark cloud for so long…just going through the motions to survive. With her skillful use of EFT, she guides me to a more loving place. As a result, I am improving the way I talk to myself. I feel SO much better because I am getting my life back!  I’m getting my ENERGY BACK!  It’s like I’m shedding an old snake skin and becoming the joyful, empowered “snake” that I’ve always wanted to be. Much love and gratitude to Jeanette!”

~Victor W., San Jose, CA

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”  ~Baba Ram Dass

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