InterPlay Vallejo

Relax, Laugh, and Come Alive in Community Through Play!

~Unshackle your Creative Expression, Free of Judgement and Full of Fun~

Join us to relieve stress, open your joy and creativity! You don’t even have to think of yourself as creative. You can easily learn that part with simple, incremental “forms” that lead us to movement and stories, silence and song, ease and amusement. In the process, we often discover wisdom in ourselves and in our communities. Stay light, go deep, whatever feels right to you. Introverts and Extroverts are welcome.

InterPlay is devoted to fun. It teaches the language and ethic of play in a deep and powerful way. If you are convinced that seriousness is the path to inner wisdom, then you might want to look elsewhere. If you would like to become a “recovering serious person,” then InterPlay might be for you!

Wear comfortable clothes and bring your open mind and willingness to connect and play with others. Would love to see you there!

When: Every 4th Sunday, 2-4pm
Location: The Dance Shop, 145 H Valle Vista Ave., Vallejo CA. 94590
Suggested Donation: $5-20. No one turned away for lack of funds. 
Call Jeanette to RSVP: (707) 642 -3603

For more info, visit:


“If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food.” ~ Pioneer of the Olympic sport of triathlon, Sally Edwards

  • Phone: (707) 642-3603

  • Schedule & Location Info

    Ongoing meetings:
    4th Sunday each month, 2-4pm
    Location: The Dance Shop
    145 H Valle Vista Ave.
    Vallejo, CA 94590
    Suggested Donation: $5-20. No one turned away for lack of funds.

  • Class Member Feedback

    “Thank you for a wonderful play shop. It was just what I needed. I connected with such great people which is something else I need as so many of my friends are struggling with health issues. I really value you and your mission.” Much love, CHERIE

    “I adored our playtime today with new people and I adored playtime with some of the other women that are in my exercise class on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. It was a lovely healing time for me! I soooooooo appreciate all of the time that I get to spend with you in class. It is wonderful for me on soooooo many different levels.” With love, Anni P

    “It was interesting, fun and very rewarding. Thank you for “opening a new door”. And, I learned much from my new playmates.” Annie D.

    “Thanks for accessing your creativity to introduce your new-found playmates to the potential within each of us to step way out of the box!  You’re a gift to seniors everywhere.” With sincere appreciation, Marilyn Bourke

    “I am really indebted to you for our play day. There are so many ways that we can relate to others, and we use so few in life. As someone who was trained in talk therapy, it is very interesting to me to participate in a totally different approach to many of the same ends. It is intriguing and important. I am so glad that you included me.

    I have always thought that if things get really bad, one solution is to put on a cd and dance around the kitchen. It helps. As always, I came away with deep caring feelings for others in our class today. It is the magic that you make…every time. Please keep showing us all the ways to be human.” With thanks and love, Nancy K.

    “I have known and admired Jeanette’s expertise for a long time. I appreciate how she interacts with each of us. She made the group experience easy for us. The lessons I learned will go on for a long time, and anyone she invites will greatly benefit from her InterPlay class. Hope she will be able to continue offering this type of growth work for a long time. Thank you Jeanette for your uplifting spirit and positive nature that you share with us each week. I’m sure everyone in the class feels the same.” Love, Angie Bartlett

    “I just loved the Interplay session. I love the concept of exformation….so vitally important in this time of intense onslaught of information both on our technical devices and the news media. Thank you for inviting me to that and for that delightful, funfilled time.”
    With gratitude, Ruth R.