After 50 Movement, Poetry for the Soul

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January 25, 2015

Movement is my favorite natural medicine and therapy. I love many forms of uplifting movement including dance, play, exercise, walking, and stretching. Even when I’m sitting for awhile, I’m always shifting and moving around. I feel so much more alive and open when I do. Expressive dance is one of my passions. It puts me in touch with my inner wisdom and helps me open a channel to higher wisdom as well. Some of my best insights and creative ideas have come to me shortly after free-form dancing or playing without purpose. Here’s a poem I wrote at the end of a wonderful day of play and dance. I hope it inspires you to get up and do something you love to do! Blessings to you.

Home Isn’t Far73b3a67264b670c748a9cca68f78ff1e
a Poem by Jeanette Logan

Get into your body, get to know your soul.
Let it be okay that you may let go.
Let’s see what we find locked deep inside.
Have fun discovering your inner gold mine.
Dare to be your brilliant self and shine!

Your gifts are amazing and so uniquely yours.
Of this I know I’m absolutely sure.
Don’t you want to feel good in a genuine way?
Go ahead and express what you have to say.
Ignite your creativity and play, play, play!

What you have to say right here and right now,
Might help you choose to trust and allow.
Your feelings are your friend and personal guide.
Get in touch with what you want.You don’t have to hide.
Dig down deep and give yourself some pride.

Support yourself with love that you deserve.
Tap into the magic you have in reserve.
Step outside the pretense, own who you are.
It’s time to remember–you’re a guiding star.
So follow yourself–home isn’t far!

 What are your favorite movement or creative therapies? Or do you have a poem that you’d like to share?


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