Boomer Spotlight: Lorri Murke Demonstrates Strength Through Adversity

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May 7, 2012 |

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I want to shine the spotlight on a very special lady who I am lucky enough to have in my Fit and Fun Class. Her name is Lorri Murke and she is such an inspiration to me and many other women, as you will discover when you read her story. I’m guessing that many of you have, like me, complained about your hair at one time or another. (I’ve had my share of what I felt were “bad hair days!”) Well, Lorri doesn’t have ANY hair, and she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. Lorri has raised the bar for me on what it means to accept yourself and get on with living your life! Her courage and resilience are admirable to say the least, and what a joy she is to be around! I’m so blessed to have her radiance shine on me weekly.  I asked her to write a bit of her story so that I could share it with all of you. Here’s what she wrote:

Youthful Hearts Boomers Spotlight: Lorri MurkeHi, I am Lorri Murk.  I have had quite an adventure the last 24 years. While nursing my infant daughter, my hair started falling out. After a visit to the doctor, I discovered that I had “Alopecia Areata Totalis Universalis” (a noncontagious condition that causes a person’s hair to fall out)! Which meant that wherever I had hair, I lost it. I used Rogaine for nine months to hopefully cure it, but to no avail, it didn’t work. However, I did go up to a size 3x! Depression can do a number on you.

Within three months of being off Rogaine my hair started to grow back, but over the course of the next year, it all fell out again. I told myself, “I don’t have control of the loss of my hair, but I do have control of my weight.” After reading the book, “Thin Within” by Judy Wardell, I “released” (meaning: “getting rid of forever”) my weight back down to a size 10. (I didn’t lose the weight because what you lose, you find!)

I started to wear wigs, but they were SO HOT, and it didn’t do my self esteem any good when I took them off and saw my bald head! The hair on your head is so valuable for being a soft pillow.Your eyelashes filter the sun for your eyes. I can’t even begin to tell you how many bugs I have had fly up my nose or into my ears (your hair filters them out). Fortunately, I have a tremendous amount of support from family and friends! Now I am wearing hats and scarves and most of the time coming to grips with what life has dealt me. (I know, it could be MUCH worse.)

A friend told me about Fit and Fun after 50 at the Margaret Todd Center. I went to observe the class and have now been going twice a week for almost 3 years! It is a wonderful class! Jeanette warms you up, then leads you in cardiovascular exercises to all kinds of wonderful music, she cools you down, stretches your body then ends the class in guided meditation! Her powerful words and the fantastic moves that make you feel SO good have brought back all my self esteem! I AM OK! Just a lil’ different, but aren’t we ALL! ♥Lorri

Any comments you’d like to share after reading Lorri’s story?  (Type below.)


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14 Responses to “Boomer Spotlight: Lorri Murke Demonstrates Strength Through Adversity”

  1. Lorri Murk says:

    U WILL need the rest!LOL

  2. Beverly Jensen says:

    Dear Lorri,
    The first time I saw you, I knew you were a special person. I’m.glad to know your story and the progress you have made. I miss you and the others at Line Dancing, but 2 classes with 1 small break became too much for me.Keep on dancing and being the fun person you are meant to be. Play another trick on Jeannette.

    • Jeanette says:

      Sweet note Beverly. (except for the play another trick on Jeanette part. 😉 I really don’t think that Lorri needs any prodding in the trick-playing department!)

      • Lorri Murk says:

        Beverly, Thanks 4 the vote of confidence! Don’t worry, I have more plans up my sleeve 4 Jeanette! Miss U !

      • Jeanette says:

        OH NO! Maybe I better take a longer vacation!

  3. Lorri Murke says:

    OMG Jeanette, I just got this 2day, Saturday the 12th. I will no longer B “double nickels” after next Saturday!!So my correct age will B 56. Do the math from my birthday year HAHA!! I tried 2 put 1900 but the computer wouldn’t let me DARN!! I could B the oldest one in your class!
    All kidding aside, Jeanette, we R so grateful and blessed 2 have U in our midst, your wonderful words of wisdom that U share, your adorable smile, giggle,and Texas accent that comes out occasionally!! Not 2 mention, how U teach us 2 get up and go!!
    The article was GREAT Thank U so much!
    We R having asparagus 4 dinner 2night, so I am going 2 try your recipe.

    • Jeanette says:

      Thanks for this great note. Happy early birthday! Sorry you have to say goodbye to double nickels. but I’m sure 56 will be just as fun for you!
      Hope you liked the asparagus recipe. It’s one of my favorites! Have a good time in Pacific Grove! See you when I see you.

  4. Joyce Bullentini says:

    Dear Lorri and Jeanette:
    Thank you for sharing this inspiration for living life to the fullest,as you must have. Yours is a reminder for accepting what comes in such a graceful way as you obviously have.
    Thank you Jeanette for the thoughts in the News Letter. I’m glad you included me.

    • Jeanette says:

      Hi Joyce,
      I appreciate your caring comment–how wonderful it is to hear from you! Sending you my very best wishes.♥

      • Lorri Murk says:

        My outlook is that everything is meant 2 B! So, 4 whatever reason???????????,this is meant 2 B!

  5. Bonnie C. says:

    I’ve never met you Lori, but you are amazing to me. I had to be bald for awhile when I was going thru chemo and I felt so self conscious of my hair loss. Here you are without hair all the time and you carry yourself so well. You give me more strength to accept myself as I am.

    • Lorri Murk says:

      I am so glad I am helping U! Let your light shine so others may C your brightness!

  6. Nisha says:

    So many of us women are self critical about our looks and often we feel ugly or not good enough in some way. Lorri, thank you for helping us to love and accept ourselves more deeply and to recognize how beautiful we all are!

“Surround yourself with people who respect and treat you well.”
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