Are We Having Fun Yet?

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February 14, 2011 |

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We all have an inner kid who wants to come out and play. If we ignore this part of ourselves for too long, then anxiety builds and our immune systems becomes compromised. Playtime is an important piece of the of the wellness pie.  Positive emotions such as love and joy actually help the cells in our body do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. There is an entire field of science dedicated to studying the affect that our mental processes and emotions have on our health. It is called psychoneuroimmunology. To me, this is FASCINATING!

We’re Hard-Wired for Bliss
Candice B. Pert, Ph.D., an internationally recognized psychopharmacologist, says that we’re all hardwired for bliss and that not laughing and playing during some part of every day is unnatural and goes against our fundamental biochemistry. Recreation isn’t just a frivolous addition to life or a hard-earned reward for work. Play and laughter are vital to feeling good and being healthy.

Laughter is Powerful, Natural Medicine for the Mind, Body and Spirit
When we play with abandon, we lose track of time. We let go of the past and the future and enter into the present moment. This creates a natural state of ease which predisposes us to lightheartedness and laughter. Extensive research has shown that laughter helps reduce pain, lower blood pressure, improve oxygen flow to the brain and strengthen the immune system. In addition, when we laugh, our brains release powerful chemicals (endorphins) that can help us override negative thoughts and put things in better perspective. This helps us balance our emotions, resolve conflicts and relate to others in positive ways.

Put Recreation On Your Calendar
Does life sometimes feel like a list of never-ending things to do? I know all about that one! But we’re not here on this Earth to just get a bunch of stuff done. It’s okay for us to enjoy  life too!  Consciously seek out ways to have fun every day, and make it an important part of your schedule.

One of the things that I most love to do is play with children. For me, there is no better way to feel young and carefree then to hang out with little ones. It’s one of the highlights of my life! Here’s a recent photo of me with my young friends, Elizabeth, age 12 and Imelda age 6, who are the children of a friend of mine.  I don’t have kids of my own so I am fortunate that I get to spend quality time with them on a fairly regular basis. We have a blast together, and I’m so grateful to have them in my life!

What brings joy into your life? Have you done anything fun recently?  Have you seen any uplifting movies, past or recent, that you’d like to recommend to us?   Do you have any suggestions for fun activities?  We would love to hear from you!

Fun YouTube Videos!
Click here to view two short, delightful YouTube videos: Laugh, Dance and Feel Good

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5 Responses to “Are We Having Fun Yet?”

  1. Muriel says:

    Dear Jeanette,
    Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    Good Morning Jeanette, enjoyed the newsletter with lots of information. Thank you. Question: You had mentioned last week about Line Dancing starting next May for a little longer time after chair aerobics. Would you please repeat the times again so I can re-arrange my appointments times. Thank you again, have great week and see you Thursday, God willing. Pat

    • Jeanette says:

      Hi Pat. We start the longer line dance class on May 12 from 12:35pm 1:15pm. We’ll see how it goes. By the way, chair aerobics is on Tuesday, and Line dancing will still be on Thursdays, after Strength Training.  See you in class! 

  3. Mona says:

    Thanks for this great article Jeanette. I needed to read this right now. I’ve been too serious lately and I’m noticing that I don’t feel very good as a result. It IS time for me to put more play into my life! You inspire me.

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