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Want to feel great, live better and stay independent as you grow older? Of course you do!
Peek at our Youthful Hearts 50+ classes by clicking on the video below:

Come join me, Jeanette Logan, and other Youthful Hearts (baby boomers and seniors) in Marin County of California, for uplifting group fitness classes that will help you to improve not only your physical fitness but also your mental, emotional and spiritual fitness as well! You will absolutely enjoy this positive health promoting experience, and you will want to keep coming back for more and more! Exercise never felt so good! Receive a free first class by filling out the red form in the top right column.

My 50+ Fitness Classes Will Assist You With:

  • Improving Heart & Brain Health
  • Strengthening Bones and Muscles
  • Increasing Vitality & Flexibility
  • Developing Better Balance
  • Regaining Joint Mobility
  • Expanding Breathing Capacity
  • Burning Calories & Releasing Stress
  • Feeling Younger & Sleeping Better
  • Overall Body Awareness

What a way to care for yourself! I can’t wait to see your smiling face when you feel proud of yourself for expanding your capabilities. Woo-hoo!!

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~World Health Org.

  • Novato & San Rafael Classes Phone: (707) 642-3603

  • Testimonials

    "Jeanette keeps us on our toes & is a great instructor! As a result of her class I am better able to focus and I feel stronger. I am no longer afraid to lift objects. I enjoy her variety of routines, and she knows all of our names!"

    --Flo Tiedemann, age 81, San Rafael
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